S E I R I N     H I G H
Chapter 231: It Begins


So glad I bought this book


reminder a lot of people have this show up on their dash and it does remind them to eat after genuinely forgetting to so thank you for this


I’m so proud of Danny and Brian
I can’t wait to see the day he starts a tour with NSP or any other protect he will have
They’ve come so far and I am overwhelmed with all the support he got today, regardless if people went or not
Awesome job to Ninja Sex Party!


Episode 5 Summary is up!!!



After swim practice is over, the swim club members sense that something is wrong with the usual Nagisa.

After the members look at the timing and try to ask Nagisa for the reason as to why he’s acting like he is, Nagisa still stubbornly refuses to give an explanation…


If anyone ever suggests that RvB is too simple or doesn’t have enough character development, I’ll show them this scene in which characters from a series called Red vs Blue fight back-to-back with one another

That in itself is great development in my opinion

Kasamatsu Week | Day Five - Leadership
"Idiot, what are you saying? You’re our ace, aren’t you? It’s the ace’s job to lead the team to victory, but don’t bear responsibility if we lose. That’s the captain’s job.
All you have to do is keep looking forward.”



koujaku is fucking 5: anime vs game

pretty sure it says 4 on the wiki

Noiz in episode four

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